The Zulu Kingdom – Zululand: The place of the ‘people of heaven’ The Zulu Kingdom

It takes the first morning breeze to wipe away the mist, but then, there’s the sun!

Golden brown hills with an occasional mountain peak.

A stretch of green savana leads you to a Rhino, hiding in the shade of a Fever Tree for the heat of the afternoon sun.

The silence broken only by the call of the African Fish Eagle or Purple Crested Lourie.

Children next to the road waving at you, just because you’re there…

A place where culture is part of the daily live…

This is Zululand. The Zulu Kingdom


Zululand the place of the Zulu Kingdom. St Lucia, Elephant Coast, Kwazulu-Natal. Rich in tradition The Zulu Kingdom offer captivating stories.


The Zulu Kingdom