At Emdoneni Lodge with Zululand Cat Conservation Project we have ambassador animals which we use for breeding and the off spring to be released back into the wild hence the reason for the low numbers of animals in our project. A maximum of 12 animals including any off spring per specie.

Join us for an up close and personal tour and learn more about South Africa’s endangered wild cat species. Come and be mesmerized by the beauty of the Caracal (Lynx), enchanted by the playful Serval, astonished by the speed and agility of the Cheetah and delighted by the African Wildcat.

View and photograph these amazing animals at the Zululand Cat Conservation Project. We offer daily educational tours, with feedings during the afternoon tour and an informative talk about the animals and the project by our experienced guides.

The aim of the Zululand Cat Conservation Project is to care for Cheetahs, Serval Cats, African Wildcats and Caracal (Lynx), which have been orphaned or injured in the wild and are in need of care and rehabilitation. We also intend to breed successfully (where possible) with our ambassador animals and release the offspring back into their natural habitat. We pride ourselves on the many successful releases done in the past.